Back to speaking…

Well, the title is a bit misleading.

I have been speaking, and speaking quite a bit the past one year.

Zoom and Google Meet have it’s advantages, but one main disadvantage is that average call times have increased by yards.

Apparently, if you are online, you are available to speak more and more…and more.

Not that I am complaining, since business has been good.

But tomorrow, I will be speaking to a live audience, the first time after COVID.

I don’t know about you, but I have been a bit wary of large crowds off late. Just not used to it for over a year, and so it feels a bit off.

Speaking to a crowd, on the other hand, doesn’t seem so challenging. But a large part of that crowd may be online, tuned in from MS Teams, and so that can be a bit challenging. It is tough to gauge an audience, when you cannot see their reactions.

Nevertheless, the point is that I am going to be speaking, and I am looking forward to it. The topic doesn’t have anything to do with yoga, but the process is pretty yogic.

One has to be calm and composed to allow a steady stream of thoughts to run through the mind…prānayāmā helps.

A bit of meditation as well. 10 minutes with your eyes closed, and then you are ready to face the world.

So wish me luck…or at least the audience, for they are the ones who have to bear me:)

See you tomorrow!