as you think…

तस्मात् यत् पुरुषः सनसाअभिगच्छति।

तत् वाचा वदति।

तत् कर्मणा करोति।

यत् मनसः रेतः प्रथमं आतीत्।

तद्  कामः अग्रे समवर्तताधि।

तत् एषाअभि अनूक्ता ।

Whatever one thinks from one’s mind, that one does, what is first in the mind as a seed, later becomes desire, and then becomes what we are. So watch your thoughts, words and actions, because they become habits, and in turn, your destiny.

Oft quoted, but today I thought of this in a different context. There was a moment today, when everything was so perfect that it felt like the ideal life – if I didn’t take into consideration all the other aspects of it that is. But that moment was special, and felt like that part of meditation when the world stops being something on the outside, and instead, you become an integral part of it – a melting point where you feel a certain lightness, as if all your troubles, apprehensions and anxiety have mysteriously been removed.

As I thought over that moment later, I wondered if it could be replicated again, by keeping in mind the pada above. Life is after all, a series of thoughts turned into action, isn’t it?

Food for thought!