Are we within the story…or is the story within us…

kya pata hum mein hai kahani, yah hai, kahani mein hum…pum parara rum…

Is the story within us, or are we within the story…

We started coming down from the trees many thousands of years ago, and at that time little made sense, except food and survival.

Once we settled and started farming, the food situation and survival situation greatly improved. And so we started to look around for more meaning to life. Religion, relationships, emotions all may have become more defined around then.

Cut to today, and the meaning of life is what every human seeks. We work for it, we love for it, we live for it, and in some cases, such as the army, we are willing to die for it as well.

Have you ever wondered though, if we are overthinking this?

Have we traded in too much for this meaning of life thingy? Do we really need to work that hard, go through all the emotional pain and sadness (along with the joys of course), meet and let go of people, all in the name of seeking this meaning of life?

And even after all this drama, how many of us actually end up finding it?

In an era where who you are goes with you, and in three generations everything except your name and a little bits about you are remembered, is it all worth the effort?

Are we all here to play a part, as in a story, or is it because of us, that this story goes on…which one is it?

Food for thought, isn’t it?

No, am not looking forward to sasta Forrest Gump. But the line in the song – exceptional.

See you tomorrow!