Another class of superhero…

Yesterday I wrote about superheroes, both aspiring and reel. I forgot to mention a third category- the real.

Yes they do exist. Not the silly Linkedin/Insta reels that speak about ‘not all superheroes wear capes’ and comprise emotion-evoking and boredom-provoking multiple-times copied attempts at garnering a few more likes.

I’m speaking of the ones that walk between us. The ones that we see everyday, but like Peter Parker, we fail to recognise them. They fight big battles everyday, fall to the ground, and then dust off the food particles and rise again to fight again tomorrow.

Ignore the food particles bit for now.

They are patient, and wait for small opportunities, and grab them at the opportune moment…the enemy is cute…sorry I meant ferocious, but the superheroes are determined. It’s not like the enemy lacks determination…but then, the superheroes prevail (well almost).

If you don’t believe me, try changing a diaper as the kid tries his best to do exactly the opposite of what you want him to do, which is basically lie supine for a minute. It’s a struggle to the finish, and the stronger (mostly baby) wins.

Ah back to the food bits. Superheroes are well-equipped- a combination of an ipad, a cheesy rhyme on loop, and a smile that doesn’t betray the anxiety within…but no match for the enemy who decides when a rhyme gets stale, and when the banana and oats don’t work for him anymore. Feedback is instant – and mostly plastered all over his just-cleaned shirt.

Yes…they walk among us. And some of us too are them. Parents…superheroes…no one Marvels them, yet they go about fighting daily…and making the world a better place for the cute little enemy. It gets frustrating at times, and a combination of nervousness and anxiety when the kid doesn’t eat or cries or…but superheroes have to keep their calm and go about it, every single day. 

All superheroes do not wear capes. They wear aprons and carry wet wipes and diaper rash cream too. I too was admitted to this exclusive club nearly a year back. And life since then has been spent well, a combination of laughter and sweat. But all worth it. May everyone find such enemies. Love them. Love them to bits…

See you tomorrow!