Rajinikanth has been coming out with a lot of movies since the past few years. Earlier, it used to be once in 2-3 years, now it’s a lot more frequent.

These movies have now become a sort of template – one pretty much knows how things will play out through the three hours of runtime…yet people (like me) choose to sit through and watch…why?

The theme behind most Rajinikanth movies is the same – successful man, does good, preaches good, fate (and a villain) bring him down…but he rises again and through the right means, and then of course, bye bye bad man.

But that is reducing 180 minutes to a single line.

The beauty lies in the experience. From the much-awaited Rajini entry scene, usually enhanced with a song within 5 minutes (if not as part of the entry itself), to the dialogues, the challenge at intermission, and the final climax, it is a one-man show all the way.

Annaatthe is no different. The underling theme here is the relationship between brother and sister, and it makes the movie interesting.

But have a look at the songs too. The intro song speaks of confidence in oneself, hard work and time management. Don’t give in to desires, self realization, wish with truth in your heart and nothing is impossible…almost sounds like a management guru.

Rajini movies speak all this and more, going beyond the usual “good vs evil” scene to carry a message laced with humor, thrill and overall front-bench entertainment. Most bitter medicine does come with a sweetened pill, and this is what is served in a quintessential Rajinikanth movie.

The issue with most Tamil masala movies though, is the last 30 minutes. It is almost as if the director poured so much effort into the preceding 2 hours, that the climaxes are usually a mash of over-the-top fights, exhausting stunts all culminating in a near abrupt ending. I wish they could think these last parts through a bit more.

Also, the Khushboo and Meena bits in the movie seem forced, and could have been avoided.

I keep all this aside, and look out for the “philosophical” bits in his movies. Four or five at most, but they make a point and make it well. The audience laps it up and I do hope that they are able to put what he says into practice. Its almost as if a “Happy Guru” decided to give a message and throw in a movie around it. Well, he would not be able to carry it off for sure, coz only “Rajini-can”.

The rest just end up copying him and finding new ways of beating 20-30 henchmen to pulp.

Rajini sir, we love you. Keep them coming – good or bad, we will watch it at least once.

See you tomorrow!