And the day went well…

So the day started with Keshav’s birthday celebrations at school, and ended with Keshav’s birthday celebrations at home!

Good food( a little too much food), cakes, sweets, savories, gifts, children creating a ruckus, adults enjoying the resulting melee…the works:)

And once done, as I sit down to write this blog, I think about the days gone by. When we were in school, the birthday with the 25 paisa sweets (or 40 paisa Melody if you were a bit richer), new clothes, and simple celebrations. No complications involved – nut-free menus, return gifts, fussy kids not eating enough cake…I mean, we couldn’t get enough of the sweet stuff and nowadays kids refuse one more helping of good ol creamy cake…ahem.

Keshav had a dinosaur-themed birthday – from his clothes, to the decor, to the balloons and gifts – Dino Dino everywhere. Wonder what the theme will be the next time around. Whatever it is, the important bit is that he enjoyed the day, and for the first time, realized that it was a special day – his birthday, with cakes and candles and songs. The next time around, he will be expecting it – this time it was a surprise realization, and perhaps the sweetest of them all that have to come yet.

Ah the life of a child – beautiful!