And here we are…

Tomorrow is the last day of the calendar year. Another year flies by, without us really knowing what happened.Last year it was COVID, this year the flu I guess. And now COVID is resurgent again…

Anyways, some plans for meeting close friends and family, and starting the new year on a high note. By working on 1st January.

Personally, I could never reconcile with the fact that the first day of a new year is a holiday. Yes, I know I am in the minority on that thought, but I just cannot help it. While I may not work the whole day, I need to at least lay out the plans for the year and take that first step towards my quarterly goals.

Some people (most) find it uncanny (crazy). Do you? I mean, anyone else out there who thinks the same way?

Nevertheless, I am very excited about the coming few months, personally and professionally. I also aim to start a new series (that I have been promising for a while now) and that would mostly take up 2 years at a stretch, if I do. Lets see.

Here is wishing you a very happy New Year’s Eve. Covid and the flu are still around, so celebrate responsibly. Best, go to sleep (party pooper) and wake up fresh next morning, in a brand new year (just another day) and usher in new possibilities.

See you tomorrow!