An offer he did refuse…

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King Yaśodhana saw her, shining like a flame rising from the fire of love, when fanned by the winds from the sandalwood forests of the Malaya mountains…and he nearly swooned.

Seeing her immense beauty, the arrows of Kāmadeva struck his heart, and he fell unconscious.

His attendants immediately brought him back to the palace, and when the king finally woke ups he found out, by questioning them, that the beauty he had seen was the same girl that had been rejected by him earlier.

Infuriated, he banished his ministers from the city, and spent many days and nights thinking about her, saying to himself…

Illustration by the renowned Karatholuvu Chandrasekaran Shivashankaran

अहो जडात्मा निर्लज्जश् चन्द्रो नित्यम् उदेति यत् ।
जगन्नेत्रोत्सवे तस्या निःकलङ्के मुखे सति ॥ १२,२४.२९ ॥

कठोरौ हेमकलशौ गजकुम्भौ च कर्कशौ ।
लभेते नोपमाम् अस्याः स्तनयोः पीनतुङ्गयोः ॥ १२,२४.३० ॥

काञ्चीनक्षत्रमालाङ्कं तत् तस्या जघनस्थलम् ।
कं न कंदर्पमातङ्गमस्तकाभं विलोभयेत् ॥ १२,२४.३१ ॥

इति तां चिन्तयन्न् अन्तः क्षीयते स्म दिने दिने ।
कामाग्निपुटपाकेन पच्यमानः स भूपतिः ॥ १२,२४.३२ ॥

ह्रिया निगूहमानश् च पृच्छद्भ्यो बाह्यलक्षणैः ।
कृच्छ्राच् छशंस चाप्तेभ्यः स्वपीडाकारणं स तत् ॥ १२,२४.३३ ॥

अलं संतप्य भजसे स्वाधीनां तर्हि किं न ताम् ।
इत्य् उक्तस् तैश् च नैवैतद् अनुमेने स धार्मिकः ॥ १२,२४.३४ ॥

ततो बलधरो बुद्ध्वा स सेनापतिर् एत्य तम् ।
प्रभुम् अभ्यर्थयामास सद्भक्तश् चरणानतः ॥ १२,२४.३५ ॥

“Ah! How shameless is the moon, that continues to rise everyday, knowing well that her untainted beauty exists for the world to feast on!”

“A pair of golden pots is hard, a pair of elephant heads is firm, but yet none comparable to her huge and well-formed breasts…”

“Who can not be smitten by the curve of her hips, and the stars of her navel, that seem designed by the Deva of love Manmatha himself?”

And thinking this way, the king was slowly being consumed by the smoldering fire of love, and pining for her, he lost all track of time.

While he was able to conceal his grief from others, his closest confidants noticed changes in his behavior, and his depressed mood, and questioned him about it.

When he did tell them what was disturbing him, they said…

“My dear king, why are you so disturbed? You are the king of this city – you can take her for yourself any time you want!”

But Yaśodhana was a righteous king, and he refused to agree to such terms.

In the meanwhile, Baladhara, the commander-in-chief, and Unmādinī’s husband, heard of the king’s plight, and being a true loyal servant of the king, rushed to him, and falling at his feet, said…

to be continued…