An iPad around the corner…

May 7th it is.

When the new set of iPads release. Count me in:)

Still excited about what comes out of the Apple stable. Will it be the same next year? Lets see. A lot depends on the much-touted AI features that are rumored to be rolled out with iOS18 – and the implementation of AI in the closed Apple ecosystem holds much promise. I for one, am working on multiple AI implementations across our departments and so am looking forward to what Apple has to offer.

Reminds me of the Vision Pro that came out last year – not gained much traction but mark my words – Version 2 will be something else:)

Every once in around a decade, Apple comes out with a product that is not incremental, not even exponential…it changes things in a way that there is a before X and after X kind of a moment.

This happened with the iPod, then the iPhone, the iPad and recently with the AirPods.

Once you experienced the product, there was no going back. The industry followed, and consumers realized that this was not a product that they wanted, but a product they needed.

Yesterday was one such historic moment in tech. The day will be known as the day when computing changed forever.

Much like mobile telephony changed in 2007, with the first iPhone.

Only this time, the Vision Pro sets tech on a course that will get rid of the desktop, the laptop, the phone and the AirPods, all at once. In a way, Apple has simultaneously created a new product category, and started the countdown for the demise of all the rest.

This is not necessarily all a good thing. Our level of tech addiction will only go up. Imagine being immersed in the rich sounds and experiences of the virtual/augmented environment, and then taking it off and looking at the real world, which is nowhere close to picture perfect.

Will only drive the masses to seek more dopamine through more and more usage, much like social media, and then a point comes when no one wants to be in the real world anymore.

As dystopian as it sounds, the fact is that we already are addicted beyond repair. All we will do is get a better drug.

But all this talk aside, tech is what you make of it. A powerful tech team can be used to change the world, or to make better emojis. You cannot blame them. Is is us who end up asking for more isn’t it?

For now, I cannot wait to explore the exciting possibilities that the Vision Pro holds. Path-breaking, game-changing, forever altering the world we live in:)

See you tomorrow!