All in a day’s work…

Just a couple of days back, I had written on cricket and patience, and my friend Neelakantan’s relaxed weekend watching the ball being tossed around by 11 men and a couple.

Today, as I browsed through the evening news, I noticed that it was the last day of the test match, and India had turned it around in the morning. And so, five wickets away from victory, and 25 overs to go, I tuned in to the free stream…I mean legitimate ESPN, hoping to find my “Neel moments” and hopefully a celebration as well.

Turns out, it was a tad bit slower than I had expected. Overs passed by, the batsmen defended and defended, and I began to get fidgety.

It took a good two hours, but I was rewarded. India won the match by 151 runs, and I had my two hours of good old-fashioned cricket time.

While I don’t know when (and if) I will do this again, it felt good!

On another note, I had two diametrically-opposite experiences of client interaction. One – where a client finally paid up after three months of chasing down, and another, who messaged me apologizing and asked me a couple of days grace since he was out of town…to pay an invoice that had been generated just today.

You don’t have to guess which client I (or anyone else for that matter) loves working with.

That’s what it is isn’t it? Money comes and goes, but experiences stay with you. Both good and bad, and the ones in between.

And so life should really be about experiencing. Gather them, revel in them, and enjoy even the bad ones, for we all will have them as well. Yes, I do feel angry when people delay payments for work already done, but everyone is not the same. Look out for the ones who make the experience of working great, and weed out the ones who make you feel just the opposite. But also realize that it is important to go through both types, since it is only through the bad ones that we know which ones are good.

For now, India….INDIA!

See you tomorrow!