Surprise Surprise! The 30*30 finished a day ago, and no one realized it. We just kept posting our scores as usual…It became a habit!

It doesn’t matter who won, who came first, or who clocked the most minutes. I think we stopped counting around midway through the process. What mattered is that we all worked towards getting this done, not for anyone else but for us. We tried our best to invest in us – to devote time to our health and well-being.

We consciously made fitness a part of our daily routine. We may not have ended the 30*30 as our fittest selves, but we did our best to make a good start. And a great beginning is a battle half won already.

Now it’s time to take it to the next step.

Which is easy.

Just continue to do what you have been doing from the past 30 days!

The consistency has been achieved, now comes the march towards our goals. And not the quick-fix-six-pack abs types of goals – but true fitness in body, mind and emotion.

Let’s all work towards it. I am doing it too. All the best!