Addicts…all of us!

Aren’t we?

IOS 15 has a new feature called “focus”. For those minutes and hours that we need to spend on one thing, without any distractions.

This from the world’s leading manufacturer of all things distraction.

I love it how technology companies create a problem, and then go about claiming to bring you solutions to the said problem.

Like Facebook “protecting” our privacy by making us go through a dozen levels of so-difficult-to-understand settings that you forget how you got there in the first place. And common, this is FB – the original “privacy” pirate. Why not just have one setting that toggles on and off when you want to be private? Ah, would be bad for business eh?

Or Apple – that makes notifications possible, and then gets us to implement “focus” time when those annoying notifications get silenced, well, for a little while.

Or Amazon, or Zomato, or the biggest of them all, Google.

Anyways, we couldn’t care less about them since it’s mostly free. What we don’t understand is that the way we give big tech data for free is almost as if they have a dozen people swarming all around us, staying in our homes, sleeping in our beds, even coming with us to the bathroom…noting every single move we make. You would not like that, then how do you tolerate it in the virtual world?

Simple – we cannot see it happening.

American photographer Eric Pickersgill photoshopped away the smartphones and digital devices from his portraits of everyday life. 

The results are…startling, to say the least.

Spend some time on each snap, and on the captions…and then think about how life used to be without those little devices that now rule our lives…puts things into perspective!

PS: If you are reading this on your phone (which you most probably are), you would appreciate the irony:)