Acchoo…cough cough…

Falling sick is not anyone’s favorite hobby, but when I fall sick, a silver lining is the time I get to watch movies.

And watch I do. A movie marathon with an English alternative Western – Let Him Go, followed by Master (Tamil) and then Jai Bhim.

The Tamil movies were a tad longer than expected, but enjoyable. Joseph Vijay is nowhere in my list of actors, let alone being a favorite, but his namesake of Setupathi fame makes the movie watchable. The same director now made the Kamal blockbuster Vikram (which I enjoyed thoroughly) and Kaithi, and I look forward to more from him.

Jai Bhim was a difficult watch due to the subject – a bit over Marxist, but a subject that needed to be taken up.

I still await the Mid-Season finale of Better Call Saul, that we need to see once we get the blessings of Rohāmrta (ie. he sleeps and we don’t).

Another thing – I hardly spoke. It was my day of near silence, mainly due to the sore throat, but was good to stay silent for a long time.

In all, a day spent on the bed and in front of a screen watching an alternate world. Was good while it lasted, but now am rearing to go tomorrow!