About that story…

Ok, a lot of you messaged me yesterday.

The general consensus was that blockchain and crypto are no more a mystery to them anymore. Yes, it isn’t like they became experts or something, but there was a mental block – a voice in their heads that said “I cannot understand this. It is too complicated.”

That voice was silenced yesterday.

All it took was dumbing down the concept…right down to the basics, in a real-world scenario. Because, everyone who “knows” about blockchain starts with the same line – blockchain is the future. That’s it. Dig deeper and they go into protocols and tech heavy jargon complete with acronyms and the audience (aka you) disconnects from the conversation soon enough.

The reason this happens (the bad explaining, not the listening) is that we do not break down concepts, we don’t try to go lower – we tend to try to go higher, add more jargon, sound sophisticated and learned – rather than trying to grasp a concept.

A byproduct of a bad education system. The English mode of learning (that we were and are unfortunately stuck with) encourages rote, conformity and syllabi, all of which stifle natural curiosity. They end up making civil servants, not entrepreneurs and thinkers and researchers. Focus on marks and cramming in as many concepts as one can in a year, results in jacks of all trades and masters of none.

The Eastern way of learning was always about discovery, dialogue and generality. You learnt everything, at your own pace, one concept at a time until it was understood well. Dialogue encouraged questions and exploration, debate from both sides, until a general consensus was reached. Fluidity, and not rigidness.

You all can make your own stories. Take any concept, and try it today. Any topic, any subject. You will have fun, trust me. Try and understand it well, and then explain it to your friend. Or your kid. A kid is better, since he or she will come back with a thousand questions. The Why’s and the What’s will make you think harder, and at the end of it, you will find the master, in the mirror:)

See you tomorrow!