A weekend well spent…

So the whole team took off to Ras Al Khaimah for the weekend – spouses, family et al.

We had a small awards ceremony, and generally just chilled out – relaxed in the middle of Russia – or so it seemed given the overwhelming majority of that demographic at the resort. So much so that many of the hotel’s instructions were written in Russian as well. Ok, we all know who has been visiting!

A merry bunch, these Russians. I saw them eat early (starting dinner around 6), spending a good part of the night enjoying the facilities of the centre, and then wake up and report for breakfast around 6.30 am. Others were busy getting over the night before, and stumbled into the restaurant so close to the finishing time that it was to close to call.

I guess they know a thing or two about ensuring that they get the best out of the time they spend at such places. After all, if you come in for just a night, might as well make the most of it by possibly visiting other attractions in the vicinity…

The kids too had a good time, running around with their (the fit ones) parents close in tow. The others hoped their voices would be enough to apply the brakes, but they were woefully wrong. The water sports had them screaming with joy, and at the end of it, worried parents rushed off to dry their wards, lest the ever so common cold catches them, like it always does.

As I watched from the sidelines, everyone going about their business, smiles, laughter, food and drink, I wondered why we had waited so long to get this done. Well, better late than never innit?

We wrapped up the weekend all tired but mentally relaxed, ready to face a busy two weeks at work, Diwali shopping and Dubai exercise month. Appreciation for one’s work is good, and am happy that it was delivered in front of family. So many times our own families struggle to understand the importance of our work, and moments such as these help. Thank you everyone for coming. And thank you for being such an important part of our team.

We are not family. That, no one can replace. We are a team, and a bloody good one. And while that’s not technically family, it is as close to the word and emotion as one can get, without having the same blood running through your veins.

See you tomorrow!