A trip to the Suffer-i…

An eventful Sunday. A trip to the Dubai Desert Park. With the young one. Who fell asleep during the main part – the 45-minute bus trip that took us within inches of bored lions and a massive Bengal Tiger who couldn’t care less.

But he did see the Gorilla – a lone big guy living in a habitat alien to him, with a tear in his eye. Oh how we humans have treated every other living being!

Anyways, Rohāmrta is not at an age where he understands or comprehends. Heck, he was more excited about the posters of the animals rather than the animals themselves. But one day he will. And I hope to make him understand that we are one among them, special only because we evolved into more ‘intelligent’ beings, and not because we are worthy of more. Oh yes, by the way, there are good options of kebabs at the safari where you can eat some of the fellow animals that you just saw.

There is no humane way to do this. Animals belong in the wild, the rest is a compromise. And if we want to see them, we should go there, unobtrusively, without interrupting their daily way of going about life. That is the only way to do it. And by the time Rohāmrta grows up, I hope it is this way. Or maybe it will be because we will all end up fighting and bomb ourselves back to the Stone Age. A less desirable way I agree, but I don’t know if we are sane enough to choose the former.

See you tomorrow!