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There, he saw a maiden who seemed to be their mistress. She was exceedingly beautiful, and it was as if she had been made by the Devas out of the curiosity of finding out what best they could make of a human being.

She rose up, eager to welcome him, and made him sit beside her, feeding him delicious food, and then offering him a betel leaf to chew at leisure, as he relaxed on a luxurious bed. She then came beside him, and they spent the night in each others arms…

Illustration by the renowned Karatholuvu Chandrasekaran Shivashankaran

प्रातः प्रबुद्धश् चापश्यत् तद् एवात्र शिवायलम् ।
नापि दिव्याङ्गनां नापि पुरं तन् न परिच्छदम् ॥ १२,२५.४३ ॥

ततः स विग्नो निर्यातं मठिकातः स्मिताननम् ।
पृष्टरात्रिसुखं प्रातस् तापसं तं व्यजिज्ञपत् ॥ १२,२५.४४ ॥

तत्प्रसादाद् अहं रात्राव् उषितो भगवन् सुखम् ।
किं तु यास्यन्ति मे प्राणास् तया दिव्यस्त्रिया विना ॥ १२,२५.४५ ॥

तच् छ्रुत्वा स तपस्वी तं हसन् कारुणिको ऽब्रवीत् ।
इहैवास्स्व पुनर् नक्तं भविष्यति तथैव ते ॥ १२,२५.४६ ॥

इत्य् उक्ते व्रतिना तेन तद्युक्त्यैव प्रतिक्षपम् ।
चन्द्रस्वाम्य् अत्र सो ऽभुङ्क्त भोगांस् तांस् तत्प्रसादतः ॥ १२,२५.४७ ॥

बुद्ध्वा च तं शनैर् विद्याप्रभावं विधिचोदितः ।
एकदा तापसेन्द्रं तं स प्रसाद्यान्वयाचत ॥ १२,२५.४८ ॥

सत्यं कृपा चेद् भगवन् मयि ते शरणागते ।
तद् एतां देहि मे विद्यां यत्प्रभावो ऽयम् ईदृशः ॥ १२,२५.४९ ॥

The next morning, when Candrasvāmin woke up, he found himself in the front of the temple of Śiva. The miraculous city, the attendants, the beautiful maiden…were all gone.

The sanyasi came out of his hut, smiling and asked Candrasvāmin if he had enjoyed himself the night before.

Candrasvāmin prostrated before him and replied…

“By your grace, I spent the night happily, but now I feel lonely and despondent. I cannot live without that beautiful maiden…I will surely die!”

The sanyasi laughed out loud. Being king-hearted, he said to Candrasvāmin…

“In that case, stay here. You will have the same experiences tonight as well.”

Candrasvāmin immediately agreed, and, by the grace of the sanyasi, began to enjoy the same pleasures every single night.

As days went by, Candrasvāmin realised the immense power of the magic that the sanyasi knew, and he grew restless. He wanted to learn it himself.

And so, prodded on by his fate, he went to the sanyasi, fell at his feet, and pleaded with him…

“Oh revered one, if you are really pleased with me, the poor soul who has sought refuge with you, then please teach me the mantras by which this magic happens everyday…”

The sanyasi replied…

to be continued…