A launch, and then some…

A big launch today.

We made forays into the unknown, a very different field that few, if any, of my kind have ventured into.

Most of my tribe stick to the traditional, few go a bit further, but we have taken a giant leap. Not really knowing how it will pan out. But then, why the hell not?

As a business owner, the challenge lies in identifying where your company will go, not in the next five years though. All that gyan that you learnt in your MBA is good for very large organisations. But smaller companies, like mine, have to be nimble.

We have to learn to change gears and directions midway, to jump into another lane, or to leap off a bridge at a moment’s notice. That is possible because we are agile – being small, fast and easy to recalibrate.

And so thinking of the next move in a few months is more critical than thinking solely long-term. Also, today’s tech doesn’t allow you the liberty of planning for a longer period of time – things can change, and change quickly. Ask Blackberry and Nokia, if you doubt what I said.

So here we are, taking a new path. Excited, with nothing to lose. Let’s see how it pans out.

By the way, so is life. Long-term planning is essential, but only as much. Life happens in bursts – unexpected twists and turns. Your response to them charters the course of the rest of how you live and work. Long-term plans get adjusted accordingly.

And so only focus on so far ahead as you can reasonably see. And respond quickly, and to the best of your ability. And leave the rest to hard work:)

See you tomorrow!