A heartfelt note…

As I pen this note, I put a lot in perspective. 

About me, about the business, about what we do, and who we are. 

About what it takes to build something, that resonates beyond invoices and checklists, reports and profit. 

About what we look for beyond a job that feeds us and our families…

About what we seek to achieve, as individuals, and as people.

The past two years has brought about a dramatic change in not just the way we work, but also the way we view life. 

We have become more sensitive towards things that we took for granted. 

How we spend our time becomes more important, and towards what end becomes more essential. 

Money and material things do matter, but when we look back at our careers, and lives, I guess it is how far we have come and the difference that we have made, that we truly remember. 

And as one looks ahead, one looks beyond 5-year plans and seeks to find something that truly excites, that presents opportunities for growth everyday, that helps us savor our work and life to deliver that ever-elusive satisfaction…

10 Leaves is not a very big company…if you count the number of people we have. We surely are nowhere close to the bigger compliance consultancies – we are just getting started. But yes, we have spent a hell lot of time in learning, seeking and building a business that can be counted among the leaders in the bespoke consultancy space.

We are not a very big company by the number of people…but we are enormous when it comes to the work we do. And we are gigantic when it comes to learning and blazing trails. We cannot offer you top dollar – there are other firms much bigger than us who can do that. But when it comes to an exposure to learn and grow, and be a leader in your field – we trump everyone else. By far. 

We are leaders in authorizations at the DIFC and the ADGM, and one of the leading CSPs in the region. And we have grown to this level because we learn, and learn well. We are excited about knowing more, breaking barriers, and loving every day at work. For every day is a new day, when you learn a little bit more than you knew before. 

We are now building a GRC team and invite you to apply. Senior and junior compliance and AML officers, Finance Officers and Risk professionals.

Let’s have a conversation – but only if you are as excited as us to come and build something that we both enjoy working on. We offer flexible working hours, remote working and freedom to learn and navigate.

Unlike larger firms, we don’t confine you to a space and project manage you – we expect you to lead, learn and deliver. And in time, you will be a leader in your field. Not just a cog in a wheel – but a person who will be an authority in the profession. 

Do you have what it takes? Let’s connect:)

You can apply by clicking here. And let us discover our true potential!