A con and a big pro!

Phew. Exhausted.

Shifting homes can be a tedious exercise for everyone involved. The outgoing occupant, the incoming occupant, the neighbors and even the movers and packers. Everyone just wants to get it over with, but the fact is that it takes a good couple of months of planning in advance – even then there are many variables in the mix and one always ends up packing everything – only to discover that while the stuff is in boxes, which box it is in is a mystery. Therein lies the puzzle that everyone has to solve, but no one wants to.

Anyways, I did undergo this exercise, albeit partially, since we haven’t unpacked yet (for reasons best let unsaid) and it has been exhausting. And yes, all our stuff is in the boxes – now the only thing remaining is to figure out what is in what box:|

The past two days were not a total loss though. An artwork from India arrived today, and when I opened it – BOY. Was it a sight! All the pain and fatigue seems to have vanished. What this is, you will come to know in due course (yes I will make a series of all the artwork in my house), so for now, let me revel, rather than reveal:)

And yes, hopefully be able to catch some shut eye later…see you soon!