A bit of Whitney Hanson…

“tell me your secret”

I ask the small child within

“how do you find hope?”

she stoops down, picks a dandelion, and blows seeds into the wind. then she smiles and says

“make a wish”

it’s ok

fall to pieces

scream into your pillow

let yourself break

but this time

when you are done

when you find the strength to stand

let the heartache stay on the floor

when I write about you

I feel guilty

as if I am plagiarising

the most exquisite piece of art

trying to repaint a masterpiece

with lines and dots on paper

forgive me

for attempting to replicate

the universe I see in your soul

grief will teach you one of two lessons

how to run from love

or how to run toward it

you choose which lesson you learn

simple is enough

I do not ask the sunrise

to be anything more

why should I expect

so much of myself?