2024 – here we come:)

My first decision this year – is to read more actively.

You already know that I read a lot – but as it goes with the overwhelming quantity of info out there – a lot of what I read, I forget, and I don’t possibly process it enough to be repositioned.

Actually, reading is a process of distilling what you want from the 300-odd pages of a standard book. However good the book is, I have yet to come across one that has 100% of the content worth remembering – far from it. Maybe 10-15% of the core message? Here is where active reading comes in.

Will let you know how I do it in due course.

The second decision this year is to streamline social media – I have been making this decision for two years in a row and have met with mixed success – the addicts of screen time find it hard not to slip into relapse mode. I have long given up Facebook, and Insta and X are largely used to consume specific information, but I can do more. And I will.

The 30-minute mandatory exercise resolve from last year also met mixed success – and I will strive to try harder this time around.

All in all, nearly the same goals, but possibly a different way to go about them. Wish me luck!

How did your new year start?