Illustrated Ramayana – Part 22

Hanuman informed her how Lord Rama was grief stricken at her separation. He also assured her His mission fulfilled, Hanuman turned his attention to Lanka. Before returning home, he would find out more about the strength of the rakshasas and the secrets of Lanka’s defences. After that there would be time too for some mischief.

But while wandering about Lanka Hanuman was caught by the rakshasas and taken to Ravana. Here was a chance for Hanuman to act as Rama’s envoy to the court of Ravana.

Hanuman paid tribute to Rama’s great valour and piety. Ravana would do well to return Sita to Rama with presents and an apology. Rama would surely forgive him. This good counsel fell on deaf ears. Ravana ordered that Hanuman’s tail be set on fire.

When this was done, however, Hanuman escaped and spread the fire all over the city. Soon the whole of Lanka was ablaze.

Back among his own kind, Hanuman had a gripping story to tell. The vanaras were jubilant that the mission had succeeded.

Hanuman gave Rama an account of all that had happened in the island of Lanka. He gave Rama the crest-jewel and the message he had brought from Sita.

At the sight of the jewel, thoughts of Sita surged in Rama’s mind and he was again overcome by grief.

Rama thanked Hanuman for his great service and said he was sorry that in his present condition he could not reward him well.