Illustrated Ramayana – Part 21

Hanuman informed her how Lord Rama was grief stricken at her separation. He also assured her that now that he knew her whereabouts, the moment Lord Rama heard the news he would hasten to Lanka and kill Ravana.

Sita then made many enquiries about Rama’s welfare and related two incidents known so far only to Rama and her.

One was about a crow, which caused injury to her as Rama lay asleep with his head on her lap. When a drop of blood fell on Rama’s face, Rama woke up.

On learning about the audacious behaviour of the crow, Rama, got enraged, invoked the Brahmastra mantra on a blade of grass and sent it whirling through the air. The blade chased the crow wherever it went.

The crow after approaching many and finding that none could help him, finally surrendered to Rama and he, in his infinite mercy, was pleased to forgive it, only taking its left eye as the target of the Brahmastra.

The other was when they were on the top of a hill. The tilaka on Sita’s face got effaced and immediately Rama made a tilaka, with the red-coloured manassila.

Hanuman heard the two incidents narrated by Sita with rapt attention, so that he might repeat them verbatim to Rama and so that, on hearing them, Rama would not have any doubt about the identity of the person met by him (Hanuman) at the Asokavana in Lanka.

Sita then handed to Hanuman her choodamani, the crest-jewel and asked Hanuman to inform Rama that she would remain alive for a month and if within that time he did not redeem her, She would give up her life.

Hanuman comforted her with encouraging words, took leave of her and repaired northward to plan what he should do next.