Illustrated Ramayana – Part 23

From Hanuman Rama learnt in detail about the defences of Lanka.

Then, at an auspicious moment, the vanaras under the command of Neela began to march towards the seashore opposite Lanka. Never before had such a vast army been on the move. The din and bustle of the march rent the air. As far as the eye could see there were only vanaras who had joined in the fight against the rakshasas.

Soon the army reached the seashore and was ordered to rest in a nearby forest.

Meanwhile many things were happening in Lanka. Ravana was disturbed by the havoc wrought by a single vanara. The rakshasas urged Ravana to raise a. huge army and rout Rama and his vanara hordes.

Vibhishana, who had only his brother’s good at heart, advised Ravana to surrender and restore Sita to Rama. Ravana was angry when he heard this counsel and ordered Vibhishana to leave the kingdom immediately.

Renouncing his home, family and friends Vibhishana went over to Rama’s camp and was given asylum by the Prince of Ayodhya.