Illustrated Ramayana – Part 16

Rama and Sugriva wanted each other’s help. Sugriva promised Rama that he and his vanara following would assist in the search for Sita.

Rama said he would help Sugriva defeat his powerful brother who was tormenting him.

Then Sugriva told the princes how one of his vanara groups had come by some ornaments bundled in a rag. A woman in distress had dropped the bundle while she was being carried aloft by a rakshasa.

At the sight of the ornaments, which were Sita’s, Rama was over- whelmed with grief. His sorrow knew no bounds.

Vali was a very powerful warrior and possessed many boons against defeat and failure. Sugriva doubted if Rama, was a match for Vali.

Rama showed his prowess by performing wondrous feats. Sugriva was not satisfied. He pointed out a sal tree and asked Rama if he could pierce it through with an arrow:

Rama let off an arrow from his bow, which shot through not one but seven sal trees in a row. After touching the ground beyond the seventh tree the arrow returned to its quiver.

Sugriva was aghast and knew that victory was on his side.