Illustrated Ramayana – Part 15

Wandering in search of Sita, the princes came across a headless and legless monster named Kabandha. The monster challenged the princes to a fight. Kabandha was defeated and the princes cut off his arms.

But that was what Kabandha wanted, because he was under a curse. He would regain his handsome form only when Rama and Lakshmana maimed him completely and set fire to his body.

When this was done, a lovely person arose from the fire and advised the princes to go to the river Pampa and befriend Sugriva, the brother of Vali, the monkey-ruler.

On the way to Pampa, Rama and Lakshmana called at a lowly cottage where lived an old lady by name Sabari. She had been waiting for years for Rama to come by. Sabari offered tasty fruits and wild roots to the two princes and they ate them heartily to her great delight.

Near Pampa, the princes met a wise monkey called Hanuman who was the minister to Sugriva. Hanuman immediately took a liking for the princes and became a faithful friend of Rama.

Hanuman swore that he would do his best to help Rama in the recovery of Sita. He then spoke of Sugriva and how he came to be driven out of his kingdom by his brother, Vali.

Together they went to Sugriva’s camp.