Illustrated Ramayana – Part 4

Emperor Dasaratha reached Mithila with a large entourage of nobles, sages and counsellors. An auspicious moment was chosen for the wedding. It was also decided to perform the marriages of the other three princes of Ayodhya on the same occasion.

Sage Vasishta, learned in the Vedas and the Sastras conducted the sacred ceremony.

The weddings were performed with great pomp and splendour. The Devas and the beings of the heavens appeared in large numbers in the skies and showered their blessings on the princely couples.

After a short while, Rama and his brothers, with their brides, started on their way back to Ayodhya. Hardly had they begun their journey when they were confronted by the terrible Parasurama who was none other than Vishnu in one of his many forms.

Parasurama addressed Rama thus, “Oh! Rama, I have heard that at the court of Janaka you broke the mighty bow of Shiva. If you are so powerful, try and wield this bow which I have in my hand.”

Rama took the bow, bent it without effort and let go an arrow from it. Parasurama was humbled and was pardoned by Sri Rama.

The princes, continuing their journey, reached Ayodhya. The people with unbounded joy welcomed them.