Illustrated Ramayana – Part 30

Sri Rama, after finishing His ablutions, decked Himself with jewels; the beauty of His person made everybody joyful. The mothers-in-law bathed Sita with tenderness and carefully attired her in heavenly robes with rich jewels.

Thereafter Sri Rama and Janaki were seated on a heavenly throne, which was effulgent like the sun, and the Abhisheka (sacred crowning ceremony) was conducted while Brahmans recited Vedic hymns.

The sages and devas in the heavens shouted “Victory! Victory!” and a large number of kettle-drums sounded and Gandharvas and Kinnaras sang and heavenly nymphs danced.

The Lord performed myriads of horse-sacrifices and bestowed innumerable gifts on the Brahmanas. The Defender of the Vedas and the champion of righteousness, He was another Indra.

A mine of beauty, virtuous and meek, Sita was ever devoted to Her lord. She knew the greatness of the Allmerciful Lord and adored His lotus-feet with a devoted heart.

She did all household work with Her own hands and invariably did what would afford delight to Sri Ramacandra. Devoid of pride and conceit, She waited upon Kauslya and all the other mothers-in-law in the palace.