Illustrated Ramayana – Part 28

On the side of Rama were not only strength and power but also truth and justice. On Ravana’s side was the might of the rakshasas drunk with power, cruel at heart and out to do harm. Good was ranged against evil.

Rama took up the Brahmastra and invoking on it the appropriate mantra sent it against Ravana.

The astra did its work unerringly and returned to Rama’s hands. His heart blown by the shattering force of the astra, Ravana fell on the ground lifeless.

The fall of Ravana demoralised the rakshasa remnants and they dispersed in confusion. The war was at an end. The gods showered flowers on Rama.

The vanara leaders acclaimed Rama’s superhuman deed of valour and fell to worshipping him.

At Rama’s bidding Hanuman entered Lanka after getting Vibhishana’s permission and reported Rama’s success to Sita. Sita was stunned by the joyful news and remained silent. “Mother, why do you not speak to me? What worries you?” asked Hanuman reverently.

Sita, said in sweet tones, “Child, the good news you brought robbed me of speech for a while. It has comforted my afflicted soul. I am unable to think of a suitable reply. Not all the riches of the world can recompense the joy and help I have received from you. Your wisdom, prowess, humility, patience and skill are all unique.”

Hanuman was pleased beyond measure. He said, “Mother, please permit me to kill these heartless rakshasis who tormented you all these days.” But Sita who was endowed with divine nature, dissuaded Hanuman from such an idea and convinced him that it would not be proper to kill the rakshasis who, after all, tormented her because they had to obey Ravana’s orders and not out of their free will.

Hanuman was deeply impressed by Sita’s words of wisdom and compassion and exclaimed, ” Mother, you are the true consort of Rama. Please tell me what reply I should take back.”

“Vanara hero! I desire to behold my Lord.” Assuring Sita that she would soon have that pleasure, Hanuman reverently took leave of her and reached Rama’s presence.