Ancient story, modern renders:)

Twitter user @mvdhav has come up with AI-generated version of the Ramayana:)

Here is part 1!

Ayodhya, capital of the great Kingdom of Kosala, was one of the wealthiest and most advanced civilizations in the world.

King Dasharatha, ruler of the Kosala Kingdom, had everything to his name, but a son. He ruled the greatest Kingdom in the world. But had to see it exist without an heir.

For his desire for a son, and under the guidance of Maharishi Vasishtha (and lord Vishnu himself,) he performed the Putrakameshti – to ask the gods for an heir to his kingdom.
Owing to the Putrakameshti, King Dasharatha ended up having 4 sons with his 3 wives. Bharata, Lakshman, Shatrughna, And his eldest – Rama.
After a few years, sage Vishwamitra arrived in Dasharatha’s court, asking him to send his eldest son Rama to help him fight against the demons disturbing his yagna.
Always sticking by his side, Lakshman volunteered to join his brother to protect him from any harm that may come his way.
At the ashram the two princes, from Ayodhya, battle and defeat the demoness Tataka.
After defeating the demons, sage Vishwamitra and the two princes then travel to Mithila.