A sweet decision it is!

My first decision of the year – quit sugar.

A tall order this is, considering that I have quite the sweet tooth. But the decision has been made. Frankly, I have been going overboard from the past three to four months, and it’s time to kick the habit. And it’s not that I will never have sugar again, it’s just going to be a rarity rather than the norm.

The second decision is the same as last year – streamline Twitter. Unfortunately, I was not as successful as I had wanted, and this year I will try again. Goes to show the level of addiction that unconsciously creeps in, doesn’t it?

The third decision is to spend 45 minutes per day reading. Without fail. Every single day. The fourth is the 30 minute exercise per day. Again, without fail.

Unlike resolutions that are mostly designed to last a few days, these decisions have already been taken. And there is no going back. So wish me luck!

How did your new year start?